The bail system’s purpose is simply to guarantee the appearance of a defendant in court. However, many people have questions regarding bail, especially if they find themselves or a loved one in a situation where they need to be bailed out of jail fast. 

In this article we answer five frequently asked questions about bail bonds. If you have any questions or need to post a bail bond at any time, give Frank Calabretta’s Bail House a call.

1. Can I Post a Bail Bond at Anytime?

Luckily, in California, you can post bail bonds at any time of the day or night, and on weekends or holidays. While a judge will not be available at all times, the judicial system can process bail bonds anytime thanks to local bail bond schedules which allow for the cost of bail to be set. 

At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House we are available to assist you with bail bonds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of year. We know that things can happen at any time, even on a holiday, and our compassionate bail bond agents are quick to get you out of jail when you call. 

2. Do I Get Bail Bond Money Back?

Yes and no. The good news is that after a defendant completes all of their court appearances the judge is enabled to release their bond. If the services of a bail house were rendered, the small fee that was paid is nonrefundable. This holds true no matter the verdict: innocent or guilty. 

Bail forfeiture is to be avoided at all costs, since this means the defendant, and/or their co-signer, is responsible for paying the full bail amount to the court and will not be getting any money back. Failing to appear in court more than likely will cause bail forfeiture, but this can easily be avoided by showing up for any and all court appointments.

3. Can I Bail Someone Out of Jail If I Don’t Live Nearby?

If you need to bail someone out of jail in California while you don’t live nearby, or even out of state, there is no need to worry when you call Frank Calabretta’s Bail House. We are able to process bail bonds over the phone and through secure legal documents online. 

Our team of expert bail bond agents can also help if your loved one lives in another state that uses the bail bond system. 

4. Can I Bail Myself Out of Jail – Without Bailbondsmen?

While individuals have the ability to post bail themselves, many do not have the funds or cash available to put up for the bond. This is why many defendants seeking to be released from jail prior to their hearing get professional help from licenced bailbondsmen. 

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5. What is the Difference Between Bail and a Bond?

In order to be released from jail prior to their court date, a defendant can post bail as a surety that they will show up in court to account for the crime of which they are accused. Bail is the full dollar amount (plus any other fees) that a defendant would lose if they fail to appear at any of their court appointments. 

However, many people are unable or want to avoid putting up cash for the full amount of bail, which can cost thousands of dollars. If a defendant cannot or does not want to tie up cash for their own bail, they may seek the assistance of a bailbondsman to post a bail bond based on collateral, a small fee, and a promise to appear in court. 

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