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Bail vs Bond: What’s the Difference?

Jan 18, 2023 | Learn About Bail, Posting Bail, You Should Know

There is sometimes confusion in the difference between bail vs bond, and when someone is arrested it’s good to know the difference beforehand in order to make the best decision possible. Use this quick and easy guide from Frank Calabretta’s Bail House to understand the difference between bail vs bond because even though the words are often used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same thing.


Bail vs. Bond… the Basics:


When an individual is arrested, they are typically taken to jail, booked into the system, and a trial date is set. If the individual wishes to get out of jail before appearing at their court date, there is a financial agreement reached between the defendant and the court system to secure this temporary release. This financial agreement is called bail and is usually determined based on the crime, the defendant’s flight risk, and other factors.

Bail money can be paid by the defendant themselves, and is typically returned once the defendant shows up for his or her court date (minus a fee the court keeps for processing). The only way to pay bail is usually via a direct cash payment.



There are several different types of bonds which function to cover the release of a person who cannot afford to pay bail themselves. Like bail, a bond acts as an assurance that the defendant will show up in court when their trial date arrives, and if the bond agreement is broken there are serious consequences.

The most common types of bonds are:

  • Cash bonds
  • Property bonds
  • Surety bonds


Cash Bonds

A cash bond is the same thing as bail, and the words are often used interchangeably. The only difference between them is that a cash bond is when someone other than the defendant pays the money upfront to the courts; this is usually a close family member. If you choose to post bail for a friend or family member, and he or she does not show up to their appointed court date however, you are on the hook for the entire amount, so lend wisely!


Property Bonds

Sometimes the court will agree to a property bond, which is an agreement where the defendant temporarily hands over the title to property that they own as an assurance that they will appear at their scheduled court date. If they are granted a property bond, but fail to comply with the terms set by the bond agency and the courts, they may forfeit the property. In this case, the property will usually become owned by the government.


Surety Bonds

A surety bond is what someone most often thinks of when using a bail bond agency. Sometimes the word “bond” and “surety bond” are used interchangeably, and they are defined as a third-party who assumes financial responsibility for the defendant.

This is the most common type of bond given through agencies here in California. At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House, we are the third-party that agrees to assume responsibility for the defendant. Because of this, we have to ensure that the defendant meets their obligations and shows up at their appointed court date.  If that does not happen, we become liable, and must track down the defendant and bring him or her into court. For this reason, it is important that the defendant establish trust with the bail bond agency when borrowing money for a bond.

Once a defendant works with us to obtain a bail bond, the court is paid, and they are typically released within a couple of hours. When the defendant does indeed appear for his or her court date, just like with cash bail, the bond money is returned back to the agency minus a court processing fee.


How Can Frank Calabretta’s Bail House Help?

Bail bond companies exist because many people simply cannot afford to pay the amount of bail set and do not want to spend time in jail waiting for a court date. The bond company takes legal responsibility for the defendant’s actions and uses a bail bondsman to get them out of jail.

The fee charged to the defendant for using the bond agency is usually much more affordable than bail itself. The other obvious benefit is that the defendant doesn’t have to spend time waiting in a cell and can go home in the interim between arrest and court date.


Roseville Bail Bonds

When searching “bail bond companies near me,” choose Frank Calabretta’s Bail House because we provide 24/7 no hassle Roseville bail bonds even on holidays and weekends! Arrests can happen any time and offering friendly service and quick bail bonds in Sacramento, Roseville, and the surrounding areas is what we do best. Call us at (916) 782-7048 and ask to get the Roseville bail bonds process started for yourself or a loved one today.

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