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#1. What are the four types of bail? 

  • Collateral bail 
  • Cash bail
  • An owner recognizance bond (some form of incentive is provided for the defendant to return to court once released from jail)
  • Bail from a bondsman 


#2. What happens in California if you are not arraigned within 72 hours after arrest?

If the 72 hour period after your arrest has passed and charges have not been filed, you will be released, but the state is still able to file charges later so long as they do so within the statute of limitations. 


#3. Can you bail out someone who is serving a life sentence? 

No you cannot. No amount of money can bail a person out who has been sentenced to life in prison. Once someone has been sentenced, their sentence does not end except by expiration of the sentence or death. In the case of a life sentence, there is no expiration. Bail is the money used for getting out of jail while awaiting trial, but once sentencing has happened, bail is no longer an option. 


#4. Does everyone have an opportunity to get a bail bond?

If someone is charged with a crime and arrested, most of the time they are given the opportunity to post bail. This is where a 24 hour bondsman can come in handy as most people do not have the funds to pay bail themselves. However, even with the best 24 hour bondsman at your service, not every defendant can be released on bail. If the court determines that he or she is a flight risk or has committed a very serious crime and is considered dangerous, he or she will not be given the chance to post bail and must await trial in jail. 


#5. Are bail bonds legal in California?

According to California law, the highest court ruled that the suspect’s ability to pay must be considered when judges set a bail amount. This means that those who cannot afford bail or the services of a 24 hour bondsman, must almost always be freed, unless they are deemed too dangerous or too much of a flight risk to be allowed out of jail to await their trial.


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