You may be looking over your shoulder or nervous seeing cop cars in traffic if you have, or believe you may have, a warrant out for your arrest. This is no way to live! Don’t live in fear that you could be arrested at any moment, in any setting. Fortunately, turning yourself in for a warrant in California doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as you may think.

Turning yourself in for an arrest warrant may seem like a disservice to your own interest, but it’s actually the best thing you can do in this circumstance. Turning yourself in shows the courts that you are attempting to follow the law. Additionally, you can make plans that will set you up to be incarcerated for the least amount of time.

Reasons for Having a Warrant in Your Name

Having a warrant for your arrest does not mean that you are guilty. Your name may be on file for an arrest warrant if:

  • You have failed to appear in court for any reason
  • You are a person of interest in a criminal case – the police may have come to your home or work while you were away
  • You need to answer for an alleged probation violation

Preparing to Surrender Yourself

Of course, you can simply walk into any police station and turn yourself in, but this is not usually the optimal plan of action. If you know, or suspect, that you have a warrant in your name this is much better than being arrested unexpectedly. When you turn yourself in, you have the ability to take action and make plans before stepping foot into the court system.

1. Speak with a Lawyer

It is highly advisable to speak with an experienced criminal attorney so they can advise you before you have limited ability to conduct business. Your lawyer can also get started on your case with as much notice as possible. Your attorney should tell you if you should not say anything at all, and they may be able to be by your side if investigators need to speak with you.

2. Arrange for Your Bail Bond

Once you have a clear plan with your lawyer, the next item you’ll want to take care of is starting an agreement with a bail bond agent. Having a plan in place for your bail bond before you even step foot into the jail will give you a jump start on time.

Experienced bail bondsmen are able to get individuals out of jail very quickly, but this process can be even faster if you already have a relationship and understanding about your bail bond. Spend as little time in the holding cell as possible!

3. Plan for Home and Work Departure

Unlike being arrested without notice, by turning yourself in to police custody you have some time to plan for your absence. Be sure to make arrangements with your place of work so that the process is as smooth as possible. Communicating with your boss may mean that you will be able to continue your job when you’re able to return.

You’ll also need to consider what needs to be done at your household in your absence. Do you have children, pets, or plants that need care? Will your rent, mortgage, and bills be automatically paid or do you need to pay ahead of time?

Pack a bag for items you may need when you arrive at the jail. Bring a photo identification with you, such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID card. If you take any prescription medications, bring the non-expired medications with you. Eye glasses, hearing aids, walkers, canes, or other orthopedic devices you may need should also be ready to go.

4. Notify Trusted Friends and Family

Think about who may be wondering if you’ve ghosted them while you’re taking care of legal matters. A quick phone call or text beforehand may save them a lot of worry. Trusted friends and family may also be able to help take care of your household, and provide moral support in this unusual time.

How to Turn Yourself in for an Arrest Warrant

Once you are prepared, turning yourself in for an arrest warrant in California can be a quick process. You can turn yourself in directly at adult detention facilities or directly at a local jail. It’s important to surrender yourself within the county of your arrest warrant in order to prevent delays.

Walk into the building with confidence, follow posted signs and rules, and speak with someone who directs foot traffic. Explain that you are surrendering yourself for a warrant. They should treat you with respect. After you are booked and in a holding cell, expect your lawyer and bail bond agent to be in touch with you quickly, as you had planned before your surrender.

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