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What Exactly Are Bail Bonds Loans?

Feb 26, 2023 | Learn About Bail

At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House, we are experts in helping you get out of jail quickly with as little hassle as possible. One thing many of our clients express confusion about is the difference between bail vs. bond and what exactly it means when people refer to bail bonds loans.

Besides offering exceptional customer service and quick turnaround time to get you out of jail fast, Frank Calabretta’s Bail House is committed to helping educate our customers and their friends and family members so that everyone can easily understand the terminology used in the court system and can make the best decisions possible, even when stressful situations like an arrest arise.


Understanding Bail vs. Bond

Bail vs. bond is easier to understand than one may think, but it often gets muddled because people refer to “bail bonds” “bail bonds loans” and just “bail” as the same thing when in fact, they are not all identical.

Bail is simply the amount of money that the court requires someone to pay to get out of jail while they await their court date. Depending on the amount the court decides to set bail at, sometimes it is feasible for the defendant to pay bail him or herself and get out of jail quickly, but many time’s it’s simply too expensive..


Is Bail Money Returned?

If you are able to bail yourself out, this is a good option because it allows the person to spend time preparing for their case at home, surrounded by their family, with the convenience of working with a lawyer outside of the jail house. The money will indeed be returned to the defendant after they appear in court (minus a small processing fee), so paying one’s own bail also encourages people to show up to court on time as scheduled. The catch is that most people can’t afford to pay bail themselves and even if they can, they end up draining their entire saving’s account to do so.


Why Obtaining a Bail Bond Makes Sense

As the defendant, you should be using your time to plan your defense rather than dealing with the stresses of being in a jailhouse environment. When you hear people discussing bail vs. bond, they are describing the difference between being able to pay the bail money or having to get what some people called bail bonds loans or bail bonds to cover the cost.

In general, bail bonds and bail bonds loans are the same thing. If a defendant cannot afford to pay bail by himself or herself (which is often the case as the court sets this at a fairly high amount to ensure the defendant shows up in court), they can go to a bail house and request bail bonds loans that are paid on their behalf.


Do Bail Bonds Loans Cost the Defendant Money?

A bail house like Frank Calabretta’s will charge the defendant a certain amount for issuing a bail bond, but it is worth the cost for the defendant to be able to plan his or her case and await his or her trial in the comfort of their own home.

A bail bond loan is essentially a type of loan that pays the court system on behalf of the defendant who cannot afford to pay bail on their own. Once the defendant shows up for his or her court date, the bail money is returned to the bail house minus a small court fee. The defendant gets the benefit of getting out of jail to await their court date, and the bill house is reimbursed for the bond.


What if Bail Bonds Loans aren’t Paid Back?

The way the process of obtaining and using bail bonds loans works, is if the defendant fails to show up for their scheduled court date, the court does not return the bail money. This is obviously a strong incentive for the defendant to appear in court, especially if he or she paid bail for him or herself.

On the other hand, if the defendant obtained a bail bond then it is the bail bond company, in this case Frank Calabretta’s, who is on the hook for the money. The court typically gives the bail house a time extension so that they can hire a bounty hunter to track down the defendant and deliver him or her to the court. At that point, when dealing with most courts, any bail bonds loans that were taken out are reimbursed, minus a fee, to the bail house.


How Can Frank Calabretta’s Bail House Help?

Bail bond companies exist because many people simply cannot afford to pay the amount of bail themselves and do not want to spend time in jail waiting for a court date. The bond company takes legal responsibility for the defendant’s actions and uses a bail bondsman to get them out of jail.

The fee charged to the defendant for using the bail bond agency is usually much more affordable than bail itself. The other obvious benefit is that the defendant doesn’t have to spend time waiting in a cell and can go home in the interim between arrest and court date.


Why Choose Frank Calabretta’s Bail House?

At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House we provide 24/7 no hassle bail bonds in Roseville, CA and all surrounding areas. We are open anytime for your convenience, even on holidays and weekends, because we understand that arrests can happen any time of the day or night.

We provide friendly, non-judgemental service and genuinely enjoy taking care of our clients in their time of need. If you are looking for quick and easy bail bonds loans for yourself or a loved one in the Greater Sacramento Area including Roseville and the surrounding foothills, contact us at (916) 782-7048.


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